10 Daily fun fact about WORLD that will blow your MIND #1

shocking fact
  1. Do you ever analyse that all CONTINENT names starts and end with the same letter. don’t you feel so ?? lets search for it
    isn’t it a interesting fact??

2. Do you know in this whole world more than 90 percent of people use RED color toothbrush. This is one of the truth and coincidence fact of whole world scenario

3. There is a company named “street kidnapping” offer you the real kidnapping experience and do you know yearly many people invest $1500 to get experienced about the kidnap and for fun. This is one of the silly fact

street kidnapping

4. In Sweden scientist has invented the transparent wood which looks like transparent glass and it can be used in various types of windows of houses and others purpose.

5. Do you know one things there is a DOG named “Brandy Dog” who is known as the smallest dog of the world. According to the guinness world record this dog size is only 15.3 cm and consider as the world smallest dog of world

Brandy Dog

6. There is a Spider named “Darwins Bark Spider” which is very small in size and very fast indeed . This spider is that much fast it can make upto 25m of wave in a day. This is one of the real natural fact.

Darwins Bark Spider

7. There is a dog named “Lillico” who is one of the kind heart dog of the planet. Lillico always travel for 13km distance to search for food and then he return home to give the food to their family. however he is one of the fittest dog. It is one of the emotional fact. isn’t it?

Lillico dog

8. Do you know when you are in deep sleep then your body automatically paralyzed yourself for that sleep. Body maintain this paralyzed because in order to not to act with the dream that you are supposed to see when you are in deep sleep.

Deep sleep

9. The famous slang OK is full formed as All correct . This is one of the misspelling but later on this became famous in all over the world and now almost all people of world use this slang “OK

10. Do you know if we use 0.1% of kinetic energy(KE) of the sea then we are supposed to meet 5 times faster of the total energy of world. This is one of the