Adding your Project to GitHub using CMD prompt or GitBase||PUSH operation for GitHub||Best solution || COLZLIFE

Adding your Project to GitHub using CMD prompt or GitBase/PUSH operation for GitHub/Best solution

GitHub, Inc. is a multinational US-based organization that utilizes Git to offer storage and software product creation management. It is a Microsoft branch which bought the firm in 2018.
The GitHub was created using Ruby on Rails by Chris Wanstrath, P. J. Hyett, Tom Preston-Werner and Scott Chacon, and launched in February 2008.

Adding your Project to GitHub using CMD prompt or GitBase

Moreover It offers access control and numerous sharing tools for each group, such as error monitoring, user requests, task management, and wikis .

furthermore GitHub provides free services, plus technical and business profiles. Commonly, free GitHub profiles are used to manage open source initiatives. As of January 2019, GitHub has been selling all services accessible private databases and free accounts.

PUSH operation for GitHub || colzlife

Steps for adding existing project to your GitHub:

1) Build new GitHub repository. Should you wish, you may also add a gitignore file, a readme and a license
2)Then open Git Bash
3)Change current directory as a Git repository
4)Now you have to initializes the local directory as Git repository as git init
5) type
git add .
6)Now you have to commit the files as
git commit -m "initial commit"
7)Copy the newly made repository of your project(urls)
8)In cmd prompt type
git remote add origin (urls)
9)Now at last you have to push the changes in local folder to GitHub as
git push -f origin master

Now your all files are safely uploaded to the new Repository

If you face any problem during the push operation then comment down below. If others issues relates to GitHub and GitBase?? comment down below and we will post new article for you.