Gundu best place to visit near kathmandu

Best Place to visit Near Kathmandu- Gundu

New Viral Destination: This place is Gundu in Bhaktapur which is currently viral in different social media due to dummy plane & beautiful scenery. But many people are misguided about the location. Here is how one can reach this place – First of all reach Suryabinayak Chowk at Bhaktapur from…


Think Like A monk – Jay Shetty

Book review on “Think Like A monk“, The overall rating for this book is 4.3 out of 5. “Your identity is a mirror covered with dust. When you first look in the mirror, the truth of who you are and what you value is obscured. Clearing it may not be…

Object Oriented in Java

Object Oriented in Java | Java Tutorial

Object oriented programming is about creating objects that contains both data and methods. The aims of Object oriented programming is to implement real-world entities like inheritance, data hiding, polymorphism and encapsulations. OOP helps to bind together the data and the functions that operates on them so, no other part of…