Bsc CSIT forth semester Notes

Here is the best study material for the student of fourth semester. We have attached the PDF file with this post and we would like to gratitude and best wishes for the board examination.

Computer Network

A network is nothing more than two or more computer connected together so that they can exchange data and information, share resources. In general a computer network is an interconnection of various computer system located at same or different places.
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Operating System Notes

An operating system (OS) is a collection of system programs that together control the operation of a computer system. ( click here )

Artificial Intelligence

AI is intelligence of machines and branch of computer science that aims to create it. AI consists of design of intelligent agents, which is a program that perceives its environment and takes action that maximizes its chance of success. (Click here )

Theory of computation

This course presents a study of Finite State Machines and their languages. It covers the details of finite state automata, regular expressions, context free grammars. More, the course includes design of the Push-down automata and Turing Machines. The course also includes basics of undecidabilty and intractability. 
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(Other subject notes are publishing soon )

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