Final Year Project

Orientation on Project Selection and Documentation

Project Work introduces students to the practical environment. Special focus will be given in enabling students with the skills pertaining to the...

What is Artificial Intelligence -colzlife

what is intelligence ?/ what is artificial intelligence ? / artificial intelligence/ Machine learning / colzlife/ Artificial Intelligence Notes
csit seven semester notes

Seven Semester Notes

Advance Database Management System The relational model for database management is a database model based on first-order...
csit seven semester notes

CSIT Seventh Semester Notes/Old Questions /solutions and Syllabus

CSIT Seventh Semester Notes/ CSIT Seventh Old Questions/ CSIT Seventh solutions /CSIT 7 Semester Notes/ CSIT 7 Old Questions/ CSIT...

program that reads in lines of input using scanf or cin, and file redirection,...

You are to write a program that reads in lines of input using scanf or cin, and file redirection, process the...

Cognitive Science notes

Cognitive: The earliest entries for the word "cognitive" in the OED take it to mean roughly pertaining "to the action or...

BSC Csit Entrance Notice (2076)

Please follow the details on photo! Entrance exam notice for the bsc csit 2076. Student must follow the...
login validation

Login Validation from both server and client side (PHP vs Javascript)

Validation is the process of checking or proving the validity or accuracy of something. So in order to maintain the validity or...
college life

Fourth Semester Syllabus and model Question

TUIOST ( Tribhuvan University Institute of Science and Technology) provides the syllabus for the CSIT student. In fourth semester we have 5 different subject.
artifiticial intelligence


AI is intelligence of machines and branch of computer science that aims to create it. AI consists of design of intelligent agents, which...

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