COVID-19 and The World Scenario Timeline

COVID-19 and The World Scenario Timeline

COVID-19 and The World Scenario / COVID-19 and The World Scenario Timeline / corona virus cases / highest number of daily deaths /positive effects of Corona virus/CORONA VIRUS DISEASE (COVID-19) |SYMPTOMS AND TREATMENT


Corona virus disease(COVID-19)is an infectious respiratory disease caused by a new virus,novel corona virus,SARS COV-2.First identified in Wuhan,Hubei province China in December 2019.It has not been previously identified in humans,likely to be originated in animal and spread to humans. 

The initial clinical picture of the COVID-19 was pneumonia of unknown origin as the early clinical cases were presented with signs of pneumonia.Latter it was diagnosed as SARS COV-2 infection that was associated with severe pneumonia hence named as novel COV pneumonia(NCP).Similar type of pandemic out-broke previously in 2002 in China and in 2012 in Saudi Arabia which were named SARS and MERS respectively. 

COVID-19 and The World Scenario Timeline

COVID-19 and The World Scenario Timeline

• Global corona virus cases crossed 1.6million,more than 97,000 people have died and nearly 3,67,000 have recovered

US and UK suffer highest number of daily deaths since outbreak began,as glimmers of hope emerge elsewhere in the world. 

• US records highest one-day death toll,1858 people from corona virus on April 7,a record for any country in a single day. 

• The Chinese city of Wuhan,the original epicenter of the outbreak,ended it’s 76 days lock-down early Wednesday. 

France sees highest one-day death toll:1417 on April 7. 

April 9,marked the 100 days since WHO was notified of the first cases of “pneumonia with unknown cause”in China. 

• The WHO said it took more than three months to reach the first 1,00,000 confirmed cases worldwide but it took less than a week for the number to double from 5,00,000 to a million.It then took seven days to reach 1.5 million. 

• COVID-19 could push half a billion people into poverty,says UN. 

Corona virus could turn back the clock 30 years on global poverty. 

• Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has pledged 1 billion dollar toward COVID-19 relief. 

• Three out of four US hospitals already facing COVID- 19

• Trump threatens to stop WHO funding,saying the UN agency”seemed to be very china-centric”. 

• More than 16 millions Americans have lost their jobs. 

• UK corona virus lockdown could be extended into May. 

• President Vladimir putin announced “non-working week”until April 30 after the country registered a sharp increase in corona-virus cases. 

• Tokyo Olympics may not happen even in 2021. 

• India hints at extending a nationwide lockdown as cases rises. 

Short term positive effects of Corona virus on environment 

• A drop in air pollution level has been observed which is a dramatic drop off with improvements in air quality. 

• Carbon dioxide emissions have fallen by around 25 percent. 

• There is strong drops in Nitrogen dioxide(NO2) level which was never seen before.(about 30%). 

• Earth’s Ozone layer is healing,after Corona Virus decreases pollution rate. 

Water of Venice,Italy are clean once again. 

Article by : Anita Neupane

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