Decorator in python

Decorator is a powerful in object oriented programming language since it allows programmers to modify the behavior of the function or class.

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In decorators functions are taken as the arguments into another functions and then called inside the wrapper function

Syntax for decorator

def hello_decorator():
    print("hello world")

In the above code @doc_decorator is a callable function, will add some code on the top of some another callable functions, hello_decorator function and return the wrapper function.

Printing documentation using decorator :

def my_doc(any_function):
    def test():
        return f'{any_function.__doc__}'

    return test

def user():
    '''hello user what's up'''
    return 'user'

Here we create a function my_doc and passing the any_function as a parameter, inside the my_doc we create another function(test) to work with the documentation part, i e any function from the outside of my_doc function can be implemented in the new function (test).

we need to call my_doc function as @my_doc before staring a function to include the my_doc function.