Dinesh Sunar – Four times guinness Book of World record holder and first Nepali to be on the America’s GOT Talent!

Dinesh Sunar, a young talented guy is so passionate about parker that he is now a four times guinness Book of World record holder.

Parkour is a western extreme sport which includes climbing urban infrasructures and performing extreme stunts.

Parkour is a combination of gymnastics and outdoor running/chasing. Dinesh started his journey with his passion boosted with Youtube tranings.

Parkour is extremely underrated sport in asia but dinesh always believed in himself and started practising this sport with great courage.

Making 18 backflips by leaning on a wall in 1 minute, dinesh secured his title by repeating with 16 flips in 30 seconds in 2017. And again in 2019, Dinesh breaks another record of 12 Twisting backflips in 30 seconds.

He has a dream to promote parkour in Nepal and has been working on parkour traning Center. Despite of his talent, he is still unknown to many people. Even the government has not focused to the four time Guinness Book of World Record holder

He set the fourth record recently on one of the worlds most popular TV show Americas GOT Talent. Despite of a lack of proper training and resources, he managed to pull himself to reach the 8th position.

Dinesh is extremely talented who has written his name in the book of superhumans.

Dinesh plans to keep increasing his World Records in the upcoming days. He is also interested in acting. He wish to act in Nepali Cinema!

He has so much respect for Nepal and is working very hard to promote Nepal in Sport.

Lets hope this achievement brings him as many support.