FIVE facts about real world that will blow your mind || phenomenal facts #2

  1. Hardest element in world
    When you are child you are taught that Diamond is the most hardest element in the world but that is outdated things. It is real and one the biggest fact in the world that, the hardest element in the world is ‘GRAPHENE’ according to the research Graphene is the hardest element ever found in the world. These Graphene can carries electricity more quickly, more precisely and more efficiently than other any materials.
    isn’t that a amazing fact ?? comment down below
  2. The date
    Remember the day 2029 13th of April , the Friday , one of the biggest asteroids will be pass nearly from the earth and that will be clearly observable by our naked eyes. According to the scientist the Asteroids named 99942 APOPHIS will be passed nearly from the surface of the earth and that will be clearly visible by our naked eyes. i recall you that remember that friday.
Astroid passing near the surface of the earth

3.World’s famous game

You guys are familiar with the video games . PUBG, FIFA, GTA, CSGO etc are the games which are mostly known by the every person but the fact is that in world data ‘MARIO’ is the famous game in the world. Mario is also the most earning game in the world. How many of you know this fact ?? comment down below.

Mario game

4.Sad fact for coca-cola

Do you the coca-cola company is one of the biggest company in the world which produces more than 3300 product. but the fact is that North Korea and Cuba are only two county in the world where coco-cola can’t be bought. Really sad fact for coca-cola lover ūüôĀ

5. Most visited country

You guys know that Thailand, Singapore, Dubai and soon are the most beautiful county in the world but do you guess one things. ‘FRANCE’ is the most visited country in the world.France is indeed a wonderful country, full of delicious wines, delicious cheese and tons of romance to the brim. Therefore, it’s no secret that, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, more tourists want to explore France than any country in the world. The¬†FRANCE¬†accepted¬†86.9¬†million¬†citizens¬†in¬†2017.¬†With¬†81.8¬†million¬†tourists,¬†Spain¬†became¬†second¬†most¬†popular¬†destination,¬†led¬†by¬†the¬†United¬†States¬†(76.9¬†million).

Beautiful city in france