Follow this four steps to get good marks in Exams (Nepal)

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The secret of getting good marks is now revealed. If you follow this tips, you will get an improved marks in your board exams

  1. Good handwriting: Good handwriting often make the teacher that you are a good student i.e the impression is good. Try it for yourself, in the board

2. Quantity of your answer: Quantity of your answer can help you get an improved marks. Some teacher do not actually read answers. The volume of your answer can easily make positive impression about you. So, if you are likely to fail your exams, lengthen your answer, you will probably get more than expected marks.

3. Neatness: Neatness matters. Teacher can easily go through your answer if you have maintained neatness which throws positive impression about your answers.

4. Not leaving answers empty: One of the key to get good marks in exams is not leaving your answers empty. Whatever you know just write it down. Even if the answer is not relatable, make your own conceptual connection. You will end up getting good marks.

If these 4 steps are followed, you will get a good marks in your exams for sure!

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