Happy 2564th Birthday Lord Gautam Buddha | Siddhartha Gautam | Buddha Jayanti |Baishak-25

gautam buddha

Happiest 2564th Birthday Lord Gautam Buddha | Siddhartha Buddha | Buddha Jayanti

Buddha Jayanti, celebrated every year on the full moon day of Baisakh Shukla, is being celebrated today to commemorate the contribution made by Siddhartha Gautam, the ninth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, to the establishment of world peace.

When the birth of Buddha comes on Baisakh Shukla’s full moon day, Buddhists across the world,like Nepal, observe Buddha Jayanti with spiritual love and dedication to the Buddha. Buddhists will be limited to Chaityas, Gumbas, Viharas and other locations because of the ongoing lock down to avoid the spread of covid-19 this year.

Gautam Buddha Biography

Mahavira’s contemporary was Gautama Buddha.The royal name of Gautama Buddha was Siddhartha. He was the son of Suddhodhana ,Kapilvastu’s leader of the Sakya clan in the nepal Tarai district. Born in the year 566 B.C. A few miles from Kapilvastu, in the village of Lumbini. Around the time of his birth Siddhartha missed his mother and had been brought up by his aunt and step-mother. Siddhartha had displayed propensity for meditation right from his childhood. He enjoyed seclusion, and hated his play-mates’ company.

He was blessed with a son at the age of 29 but he did not feel joyful, rather he treated it as a bond. He fled his home in pursuit of reality shortly after his son’s birth and became a roaming ascetic. This Buddha renunciation is known as Maha Parityaga.

Gautama Buddha went to Vaishali after leaving his home. He lived with the renowned philosopher Adara Kalama but his teachings did not fulfill him. Thus he relocated to Rajgriha, and met with Rudraka and other philosophers. But he did not get gratification here, too. Siddhartha performed extreme penances for six years after this and reduced himself to a skeleton but he was not happy.

gautam buddha
Birthday Lord Gautam Buddha

Gautam Budhha in Nepal

The Prime Minister Sushil Koirala, who was going to attend an international conference in late 2070 BS to introduce Nepal, the birthplace of Buddha, to the world, had proposed a Buddhist circuit including Nepal, India, Burma, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Bhutan and Singapore. The proposal was supported by many countries. In Nepal too, Lumbini, Swayambhu, Buddhism, Manichud, Namobuddha, Halesi and other Buddhist pilgrimage sites were proposed by the Constituent Assembly member Rameshwor Phuyal.

Happy 2564 th birthday to you lord gautam buddha from the colzlife team.

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