How big is our UNIVERSE ? Size of Universe|| 93 billion light year

size of our universe

Size of Universe. Have you ever recognized one things ?? how big is our universe ??. what makes our universe so large ??. what things are there outsides our solar family? lets find it in colzlife daily article

The universe started around 13.7 billion years ago in a massive blast known as the Big Bang. The universe consists of numerous Galaxy and Constellation. A galaxy is a network of planets, planetary fragments, cosmic gas, ice, and dark matter linked gravitational furthermore a constellation is collection of star where an abstract shape or pattern is formed. It usually depicting an entity, mythological figure or being, or inanimate object.

size of universe
size of universe

Size of Universe

The fastest moving objects or the matter is photons. speed of light is the fastest moving things in this universe. Anythings that has mass cannot achieve the speed of the light additionally it destroy the law of physics. which says we cannot imagine that we can travel in the speed of the light in future. Approximately speed of light is 299 792 458 m/s.

well, talking about the size of the universe it is beyond of our imagination. Theory explained that our universe is 93 billion light-years in area. Do you imagine that our universe is of size of 93 billion light-years. If light is pass from one end to another end moreover its takes 93 billion light-years to reach, this theory is beyond our imagination. size of universe is 93 billion light-years.

It is believe that comparatively the number of galaxies in the known universe, from an approximate 200 billion to two trillion. one galaxy consists of trillion of starts in its with their own planets and satellite conversely this is only the prediction the data might be goes up to too big. By the same token according to the NASA our universe is further expanding.

Different sizes mass objects of Universe

Earth, the planet of our solor system and land area of Earth is 148.9 million km²

Uranus, one of the biggest planet of solar family . its is about 8.083 billion km² in land area.

Our star Sun, which is 1.392 million km in its diameter .

Polaris start which is 50000000km in its radius and very big than the sun.

UY scuti start which is 2376511200km in its radius. The pictures show the comparison between this star and our sun.

Biggest blackhole which is as bigger as 66 billion times as mass of solar system.

Messler, collection of dust smoke and some stars which is about 27 light years big.

milky way galaxy, where solar system lies with others billion of starts. This is expand in 100000 light years.

KBC void galaxy which is spread in 2000000000 light years. This is the average galaxy of our Universe.

This is Observable Universe, which is 93000000000 light year in its area. Can you believe it??

some of the theories explain that there can be also millions of such universe which canned be explained or study.