How to choose a best college?

Choosing a best college comes after choosing a right subject that you are about to study. If the subject you have choosen is not best for you, no matter to what college you are studying will not bring any change to your future.

Choosing a right subject is necessary. If you can relate your subject to your passion, any college is a best college for you. However, the facilities may differ according to the college. But if are more into studies rather than facilities, yes you are free to choose any college.

No matter what college interpret themselves, the course is still the same. They have to complete the course in time. Also the faculty members(teachers) move around many colleges. So, choosing a right college for you is not big thing unless you make sure about the subject you are about to study. Just go for the right subject, and select a appropriate college according to you budget.

There are hundreds of colleges around Kathmandu, so just go for the one. Its easy!

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