How to verify AdSense account in a month for Blogger | 5 Steps you Need to know about AdSense

verify AdSense account in a month

Verify AdSense account in a month for Blogger

AdSense is the Advertising platform services provided by the Google. Google AdSense allows you to run ads on your website, Blogsite and YouTube get Paid when Visitor Clicks on the ad.

For the Blogger and the YouTuber, it is the best platform to earn the money from online and it is earning more popularity since 2014.

How AdSense Serve Ad ?

The Google is a large company which provides different platform in the Internet. One of the biggest platform is Google’s AdWords program, Where the ad is generated from the businesses and provides it to your Blog and YouTube videos.

How Does Google AdSense Work ?

Google itself recognize your article that can fit the ad services. For example if you are writing a blog related to Sports then the advertisement are like Nike sports, Football Shoes and different Businesses related to sports.

Verify AdSense account in a month

As a blogger, A blogger is a person who regularly writes material for a blog. Blogger may be the different types but before starting any blog you should follow the below steps to verify AdSense account in a month.

  1. Google first look up your Domain name and your Website.
  2. The content in your website should be Unique , if Plagiarism is found ( more than 40%) then google surely reject your approval.
  3. Image should be related to the article, you have to make your own image. Downloading the image from google may be claimed as copyright and it get rejected.
  4. Each article must be of 300+ words , and 600+ words is considered as best.
  5. Your Website must include :
    Privacy Policy page
    About Page
    Contact Us Page

Applying to AdSense

We suggest you to apply your domain only you finished above mentioned steps. After 30 best article you can apply to the AdSense and it will take up to 1 day to verify your AdSense.

Apply from here :

Steps after Verification of AdSense

Once you get verified, you will the the mail as shown in below image. and your new step begins from here.

Congratulations Mail by AdSense

Log in to the Adsense and you will see the Dashboard and you need to add the ad.txt in your server which make more reliable to the adsense . After that you can run Adsense in your Site.

Google AdSense Payment

After earning the $10 you have to verify the Address pin and you can withdraw a money after the threshold completed. In addition, The Payment section you can see the your Earning , Transaction Details, and how to get Paid by AdSense.