How you expect College life to be vs how it ends up?

Well, Couple of years back, most of the students after clearing their SEE expect their college life to be more chill, less pressure, get freedom, study as they want to, but it never ended up the same. It is common that students or anyone who is about to start a new life will have a vision, but it may not go as they expect it to be. These days the things has changed a little bit. Students are fearing about the college life after they complete their SEE as there are various academic institutions with rules of their own and students are obliged to stay on the rules. Well, good news is, this will change with the matter of time i.e when they join bachelors


Bachelors is a pre matured/matured stage of students. At least they learn to think about their career, plan for their career. In short, they begin to LEARN. This can be the reason that the students are not obliged to stay in rules. Many students begin to choose their paths, they begin to know themselves. Regret/Delight about their decisions may show up.

Everyone has own way of perceiving to their surroundings. Perceptions are different, The way people/student think is different, their visualization is different. But the ultimate goal is somehow similar.