Joaquin Phoenix wins OSCAR for the lead actor!

Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck in the movie ‘JOKER’ had so many positive response from the viewers after the release of the movie ‘JOKER’. ‘JOKER’ had total of 11 oscar nominations including best director and best picture. Thousands of audience/viewers expectations came real after Joaquin Phoenix wins the OSCAR for the lead actor.

Joaquin now has his first OSCAR. During his speech he said he had so many mixed feeling about the character which he liked and he was overwhelmed and terrified at the same time by it. Phoenix was really into the character – says the director.

Phoenix had other Academy award nominations for the best actor in the movie ‘The Master‘ in the year 2013, best actor for ‘Walk in Line‘ in the year 2006 and also best supporting actor for ‘Gladiator’ in 2001.

Top of all, with this, DC movies got a new line to lift its way up.

Phoenix also says that he felt conflicted because so many of his fellow actors which were equally deserving didn’t had the same privilege. phoenix believes that a character needs to have so many mixed feeling which is not really common in movies, particularly in a superhero genre movie.

People had been loving the movie about the previous joker “The Dark Knight” and with this joker everthing has mixed up pretty well.

Phoenix also said that Leo Di caprio was his source of inspiration over 25 years !