Operating system Notes

operating system

An operating system (OS) is a collection of system programs that together control the operation of a computer system.

Operating system goals:

–Execute user programs and make solving user problems easier.
–Make the computer system convenient to use.
–Use the computer hardware in an efficient manner.

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Unit 1 : Operating system Concept
unit 2 : processes
unit 3 : Threads
unit 4 : Inter Process Communication
unit 5 : Scheduling
unit 6 : DeadLock
unit 7 : Memory Management
unit 7.1 : Virtual Memory
unit 7.2 : Page Replacement
unit 7.3 : Segmentation
unit 8 : Disk Management
unit 9 : Files
unit 10 : I/O Management

What is a Process?

The program in execution.A program is an inanimate entity; only when a processor “breathes life”into it does it become the “active” entity, we call a process.

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