Orientation on Project Selection and Documentation

Final Year Project

Project Work introduces students to the practical environment. Special focus will be given in enabling students with the skills pertaining to the analysis, design, and development, installation, testing and servicing a corporate organization. The course has a practical approach to building real application.

Goal: To develop the skills associated with analysis design and development of meaningful and efficient real world application

For the project work documentation the following content should be included

  1. Problem Identification
  2. Problem Specification
  3. Analysis and design
  4. System Development
  5. Installation and Testing
  6. System Maintenance


  • Analysis and Design
  • Presentation skill
  • Questions Answer
  • Scope of Work / Future Implementation of Project
  • Overall documentation of project work


Supervisor 60


Some Project Topic that might help you to build in the final year !

Management System

  1. Library Management system
  2. School management system
  3. Attendance management system
  4. Hospital management system
  5. Inventory management system
  6. payroll and employee management system
  7. Billing management system
  8. Pharmacy management system
  9. Sports Events Management 

Web Application

  1. College social network web project
  2. Question paper generator system
  3. Three level password authentication
  4. Automated college Timetable Generator
  5. News Aggregation project

E commerce applications

  1. Sports pasal
  2. Online kirana Pasal

Mobile Application

  1. Todo Application
  2. GPS tracking system
  3. Restaurant Finder

Comment the best project name you are going to do !