Short notes on Java Buzz words |Short notes on top 8 of the Java Buzz Words.

Short notes on Java Buzz Words.

short notes on Java Buzz Short notes on each of the Java Buzz Words.

Short notes on each of the Java Buzz Words. 

Answer:  The main objective of java object-oriented programming language is to make it portable simple and secure programming language.  

Buzzwords is the features of java that helps to build the application. 

The most important buzzwords of java programming language are:  

  1. Simple  
  1. Object- Oriented  
  1. Platform independent 
  1. Secured 
  1. Robust 
  1. Interpreter 
  1. High performance 
  1. Dynamic 

Simple: Java is written in a simple language and it is really easy to understand because of its clean and simple syntax. Java is a simple programming language for the reason that:  

  1.  Java is based on C++ language  
  1. Java has removed its complicated and complex structure of programming as well as rarely used features 

Object- Oriented: We know java is an object-oriented Programming Language. Java include the basic concept of Object, Class, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction and Encapsulation 

Platform independent: Java is a independent platform, for example the code written in a window’s can be run in mac and Linux. A platform is the hardware or software environment in which a program runs. Java code is compiled by a compiler and converted into byte code. 

Secured: Java is renowned for the best security over the internet. In java programming we can run an application like virus- free system. 

  • Java has no explicit pointer 
  • Java Programs run inside a virtual machine 

Robust: Java is the robust (strong) programming language which uses the strong memory management. Exception handling and the type checking mechanism in Java make it robust.  

High Performance: Java is faster than other traditional interpreted programming languages because Java byte code is “close” to native code. It is still a little bit slower than a compiled language (e.g., C++). Java is an interpreted language that is why it is slower than compiled languages, e.g., C, C++, etc. 

Dynamic: Java is distributed because it facilitates users to create distributed applications in Java. RMI and EJB are used for creating distributed applications. This feature of Java makes us able to access files by calling the methods from any machine on the internet.