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sofa fabric manufacturers in Nepal

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Sofa fabric manufacturers in Nepal

           Have you ever wandered what makes a living room look cozy and beautiful?

well, over the years I have been to many relatives and friends houses and the thing that has left a bigger impression on my mind is not only the hospitality I received there it was also about the place where I was asked to sit on.After making a long way to relatives house being exhausted,getting a adorable hospitality along with really a cozy and comfortable place to sit who on earth wouldn’t appreciate it.And surprisingly what they all had in common was a super cozy sofa with attractive design and enlighten for sight.

Manufacturing of sofa fabrics

         Now, let’s have a closer look at manufacturing of sofa. In order to manufacture sofa, we do require sofa fabrics. Fabric is a bendable, elastic and supple substance that is made either with a weaving of natural or artificial fiber. Fabric could be made with cotton, jute, polyesters, dobbies, leatherite, silk or a combination of two yarns. In the old days fabric manufacture in Nepal was individual weaving or knitting with their hands (also known as handmade fabric). Although handmade fabric still exist but have a very restricted presence and are expensive and time consuming. On the other hand, many big setup companies with high technology machines backed by educated and intellectual personnel produced high quantity on a daily basis at a very reasonable cost.

Taking a Break to know more about sofa manufacture in Nepal

      When we talk about sofa, the first thing comes to our mind is fabric of the furniture, which is of beautiful pattern, enlighten for sight, comfortable in feeling and attractive design. However, with so much of variety available in the market it is difficult for anyone to select the one which is suitable to him. If you are looking for durable and less maintenance fabrics then synthetic fabric is for you. Further if you penchant for organic, with more comfortable fabric texture then natural upholstery fabric is the one you are looking at.

sofa fabric manufacturers in Nepal
sofa fabric manufacturers in Nepal

Choosing the best sofa fabric manufacturer in Nepal

       Selecting sofa fabric is important step in interior designing of a project because sofa fabrics are designed for specific purpose and usage. A fabric for one type of interior project might not suit another. Interior designers are keen to make their client, investment on a project best one. For choosing best sofa fabric one has to choose the best sofa fabric manufacturer. In a city like Kathmandu which has a huge textile market and choosing the best sofa fabric manufacturer for your project becomes utterly crucial to give your project the best contemporary look. Kunal Furnishing Company is a name well known when it comes to choosing the best sofa manufacturer in Nepal because they are providing the best quality fabrics which makes the first choice for your interior.

What makes Kunal Furnishing company best sofa fabric manufacturer in Nepal?

      The thing that makes Kunal Furnishing company stand out from crowd are their fabric characteristics like elongation, elasticity, shrinkage, strength, durability, wear and tear, abrasion strength, easy maintenance, etc. We provide you the latest design patterns, textures and styles of the fabrics so that the designers have the most satisfactory results for their projects which make them the best sofa fabric manufacturer.

How are we unique from others?

     The best sofa fabric manufacturer brand apart from meeting the physical properties of the fabrics will be concerned for the society and environment. We use eco-friendly dyes, chemical dyes that don’t affect the environment and total anti-toxic colorants etc. We also provide budget friendly prices, customized projects, timely deliveries with utmost customer satisfaction.

      Listed below are the 7 points that make us different from others:

1. Top class designs

2. Environment friendly fabric

3. Acoustic fabrics

4. Durability

5. Maintenance

6. Training and Education for our production team 

7. Transparency policy

Our policies, Business and Environment ethics

        Over the years with the experience that we gained we manufacture the best of all the fabrics depending upon their material content, cleansing needs, maintenance. Our in home team includes procurement, sales, inspection agents, labors, designers and managers understand the value of your time and money. We believe in providing our customers with high quality products with thorough insight on the product available with us.

        We encourage you to visit us at our manufacturing unit in Nepal plant to see the quality of fabrics offered and environment ethics that we follow.

Kunal Furnishing company Details :

  • Bhanimandal, Ekantakuna–Jawalakhel
  • GPO Box: 4552, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • 977-1-5546386/5546387