Steps to increase your performance in exams:

  1. Read out loud instead of just reading : It is said that you are 50% more likely to remember if you read out loud instead of simply reading.

2.Reward yourself:It is just a way of motivating yourself. Reward yourself, next time you feel like rewarding yourself again and again.

3.Teach others what you have learned: After you read/learn, so that you can keep in your mind just teach others. It will boost your memory

4. Draw figures: Make diagrams so that you can memorise it more easy. It is fact that pictures are captured more faster than text.

5. Make connections: There can be way to make connections between what you have studied so that you can memorize different contents like chain.

6. Time New Roman is faster learning fonts.

7. Memorize what you have studied: Try to remember things you have studied while doing simple works like household works, travelling, etc.

8. Listen to right music: Music can boost up your concentration. Generally music with low volume help to increase concentration capabilities.

9. Study in groups: Group study is far more better than solo study. Make group and just study.