This island has the worlds deadliest, biggest group of snakes! (Snakes island)

The island IIha da Queimada Grande in Brazil (90 miles from Sao Paulo) has the worlds largest group of snakes. It is estimated that in every single square feet, there are 1-6 snakes. This island looks amazing but is extremely dangerous and is forbidden to step to this island. There are worst stories of people’s death in this island.

Strange thing is, how come this island have so many snakes? Its not that the snakes came floating from the ocean. People say that many years back pirates had hidden the treasures in the island and left all the snakes so that no one can get their hands on the treasures.

Very few people came out unharmed from the island. There is a light house in the island made for tracking directions for the ships around. There was a keeper living in the light house with his family but later on their dead bodies were found which showed that the reason of the death was the snake bite. There are other scary stories about this island.

The island has the one of the worlds most poisonous snake called Golden Lanchead which is only found in this island. The snake venom can kill people in less than one hour. The island has no other animals because all the animals were once the prey of the snakes. They also hunt birds.

In addition to this, people still visit this island so that they can smuggle the rare snakes and sell them at high price (10,000$-30,000$). Well there are advantages of the snakes on this island. Their venom is used to cure deadliest diseases. So, only researchers and navy groups are allowed in this island.