Top 5 Hated Celebrities of Nepal

top 5 hatest model

There is no such things as bad publicity / 5 Hated Celebrities of Nepal

Trisana Budhathoki

Trisana Budhathoki is also known as the controversy Queen of Nepal. She lives in America and she is active in facebook live. The reason behind hating her are listed here :

  • Showing the sexy appearance in Facebook live.
  • Dressing short dresses to show her inner wear.

Beside this she thanks to her haters to increase the popularity here in Nepal.

Aayush Rimal

Ayush Rimal is a youtuber (currently lives in America) and he think himself as the best youtuber from nepal which is completly myth to him.

He is also known as only 250 ko maal because of taking money from his fan only to meet him.

People hate him because his face problems !

Sacar Adhikari

One of the best rapper from Nepal but he has many haters because of him rough talks to the people in a public. He was suffered from the drug addiction and he almost loses his mind.

Jyoti Magar

Jyoti Magar also Known as the thigh shower to make a popularity. She dressed a short clothes in a live performance and sing a songs with double meaning.

She try to show her private body parts in the live performance

The main reason to hate Jyoti Magar is that : she is making a fun of Nepali culture

Priyanka Karki

She is a beautiful actress and one of the highest paid actress from nepal. Because of the sex controversy and comments related to the sex make her hated fan base .

And of the reason is marrying with Ayushman singh pradhan who is almost 10 years younger than her.

Here 5 Hated Celebrities of Nepal are listed please comment your view.