Top 5 HIGHEST Paid YouTubers of Nepal!

updated : 2021-05-06

These are the TOP 5 highest paid You Tubers of Nepal.
The information provided is according to socialblade.

  1. Iamsega – Sega Gurung

Sega Gurung is probably the highest paid YouTubers of Nepal. He currently lives in UK and comes over to Nepal quite often. He does family vlogs most of the time and was a part of Project Possible.

His many videos are above Million views. His most popular video is Dame tu cosita which has more than 206M views which is most probably the highest view of a Nepali Youtuber.

He has total of 1.12M subscribers including National and International followers.

His videos have total 323,412,384 views in his YouTube channel

His estimated monthly Youtube earnings
$1.3k – $20.4k

This equals around
(Rs 130,000-2,000,000)

2) Ming Sherap

Ming Sherap does vines and funny videos. He is really popular among teenagers. He has few videos over a million views.

He also has his own music videos which went quite viral as many teenagers loved it. Recently, jan 2020, he released his another music video which is already very close to a million views (Feb 2020)

He has a total 587K subscribers

He has total 59,268,489 views

His estimated monthly earnings is

which is around
Rs 100,000 – Rs 1,800,000

3) Sisan Baniya

Sisan Baniya is one of the most popular and coolest Vlogger. He usually travels to lot of places domestic and International. He does travel vlogs with his team.

Sisan Baniya lifted many Film makers and played an important role in promoting Film making in Nepal. He runs a program in Pradygm TV with his team. He has a great vision and is more focused on improving Film making in Nepal.

He has total of 383k subscribers( Feb 2020).

His total views is around 35,450,765.

His estimated monthly earnings from Youtube is

which is around Rs 65,000- Rs 1,000,000

4) James Shrestha

Do not go with the picture, he is indeed one of the most dashing youtubers of Nepal.

James Shrestha is one of most loved youtubers in Nepal. He started his youtube channel when he was outside the country. Before he started YouTubing, he had his own hit music videos. His songs have above a million views.

He is recently in USA with his girlfriend and is most probably engaging with her. He has his girlfriend in his most of the videos.

He currently is involved in a business. He sales “solti” gaming and office chairs in his website.

He has total of 575k subscribers(feb 2020).

He has total views of 49,626,904 views .

His estimated monthly earning is:

which equals (Rs 65,000- Rs 1,000,000)

5) Sabin Karki – Beest

Sabin Karki is the former member of Cartoon Crew. Infact is was the one to establish Cartoon Crew and due to team issue he left the Crew.

After he left Cartoon Crew, he started his own youtube channel. He was loved by many people when he was a part of the crew. After he opened his own channel, he gained so many followers in a small time period.

He is one of the creative YouTuber who has his own way of creating content. He is also a music producer,director and video editor.

He has already worked with popular singers and actors.

He runs two youtube channels

He has total 436K subscribers and 452K subscribers on the other channel.

He has total views of 28M and 97M

His estimated monthly youtube earnings is $442-$6.7K and other channel $187-$3K
which is around Rs 45,000 – Rs670,000