Upasana Singh Thakuri Photos, Biography lifestyle, Relationship status! 2019

Upasana was born on September 20, 1994 at darchula district of Nepal. She is a debut actress in the movie Captain with Anmol K.C

She is 5’6” tall

Her parents are the source of inspiratin to her.

She has two sisters, mom and dad (5 members)

She likes being called as Sukee, Ushu, Poo

She is currently studying Bachelors in Ace Institute of Management.

Upasana is single.

By profession, she is Acress and Model.

Her favourite Nepali Actor is Anmol kc and dhiraj magar.

Upasana is loving and caring kinda girl.

She is the main actress in the movie Kabaddi Kabaddi Kabaddi.

She normally charges 5-8 lakhs per movie.

She is active in her instagram.