Covid-19 : What is Rapid Diagnostic Test(RDT) ?

Rapid Diagnostic Test(RDT)

Covid-19, inevitable is here! Past few weeks, almost every country has been suffering from Covid-19 pandemic. Thousands of people are dead already and more than 2 Million people are already affected (Mid April 2020). The virus had/is having exponential growth in most of the countries and is more riskier for the people with low immunity. The virus started from the city Wuhan, China. Click to check out the casualty report.

People suffering from Covid is thouands each day. Thousands of people are tested for Covid-19 in most of the countries. Basically there are major two tests performed.

Rapid Diagnostic Test (RTD)

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test

This is the simplest explanation of how RDT test works.

What is Rapid Diagnostic Test(RDT) ?

What Rapid Diagnostic Test (RTD) does is, it detects the antibodies produced by the immunity of our body. Basically, antibodies are classified into five isotypes. Among all five types, IgM and IgG are two major antibodies test that is to be performed for coronavirus. These antibodies shows positive for covid-19 if the victim has ever suffered from covid-19 starting around 3-4 days to upto 6-7 months. There are chances that this testes show the few month previous results of the patient. To be more simple, there are chances that rapid test inherites the result of the past disease of the patient. Therefore, Rapid Diagnostic Test is very effective for instant test for covid-19 but cannot be completely trusted.

Rapid Diagnostic Test(RDT)
Rapid Diagnostic Test(RDT)

First the Rapid Diagnostic Test is performed and if found positive then the actual/precise test is done which is called Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test. It takes hours to complete the entire process. PCR test is more accurate although even PCR is not considered as 100 % accurate.

Most of the countries have started extreme precautions from prevention of Covid-19. Major economy crisis is hitting everywhere and still researchers have not found a anti-dode of 100% efficiency till today.

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