Shocking mystery about worlds deepest hole!!

In the year 1970, soviet scientist began one of the greatest drilling experiment in human history in the kola peninsula which would go onto reach farther down into the Earth’s crust than any other in history. This was recorded in Guinness Book of World Record which is still a record

The digging process had no initial problems until 7 miles. The borehole also brought rumors and myths that the borehole would open up a portal to hell allowing demons to escape into the world. These rumors made the project to halt temporarily for some certain time . The temperature of the end of the drill went over 1500 degrees which is far more than predicted. The end of the drill had a microphone which captured the screams of tormented Souls which was really scary. The observers on the surface were traumatized by what they were hearing.

So the work they have been doing had to be shut down. The tourists were very much interested to visit this place.

Nobody expected that the temperature is higher than anticipated. But the rumors about the borehole opening the demons to escape was found to be a joke by a journalist. Again the drilling process begun and ultimately reaching 7.45 miles. Researchers were trying to find what the rock at such distance was like. People and researchers were trying to see the rocks . Because of this, the work has to be stopped for a entire year. That turned out to be a bad idea. In 1984, the disaster happened. Due to some issues in the lubricated drill, it became embedded in the hole.

Five years of work was lost in an instant. So the work was restarted. After years, the borehole was 7.62 miles. The scientist were able to find out what condition was like thousands of years ago.

Scientist were able to found that the composition of the moon rock was exactly the same as the composition of the rock that was found 1.86 below the earths surface. Scientist were able to find how the moon came to be created.